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Individual Therapy

Sarah will work one-on-one with you in a safe, supportive, and confidential environment, allowing you to comfortably explore your individual or family concerns. Individual therapy is a very personal process that can enhance your awareness of feelings, beliefs, behaviors, personal needs, and goals. It can be used to work through things you want to change, challenging and influential memories of times in your life, or to enhance your relationships with others.

Individual therapy for your child or teenager can support them through a difficult life adjustment or transition, teach them to regulate their emotions, learn and use coping skills appropriately, and identify and verbalize their feelings. Depending on your child’s age, play therapy may be practiced using toys, blocks, dolls, games and art to best help your child express themselves and for Sarah to better understand themes and patterns your child is experiencing. With a play and talk combination of therapy, there is a stronger opportunity for your child to understand their world.

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