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Group therapy is designed to enhance social skills, build relationships and promote emotion regulation. Topics covered include improving self-esteem, coping skills, frustration tolerance, cooperation, socialization, problem solving, anger management, and reducing anxiety & stress.

Sarah provides a number of options for group therapy:

Sarah’s Socials

Therapy groups focused on developing appropriate social skills in children and teens that struggle with emotional needs, learning difficulties, and relationships. They service the following age groups:

  • Littles

    ages 4–6

  • Kiddos

    ages 7–12

  • Teens

    ages 13–16

Girls Group

Process group focused on providing a space for young women to identify and explore their emotions, give and receive support, socialize, and relate in a healthy way to their peers. They service the following age groups:

  • Tweens

    ages 10–12

  • Teens

    ages 13–16

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